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  • Electrothermal actuator 22CX5

    Compact electrothermal actuator with ON/OFF operation compatible with thermostat-adaptable
    radiator valves, valves for fan coils and manifolds. Self-extinguishing polymer cap. M30x1.5
    nickel-plated threaded brass ring-nut. Normally closed (NC). Stroke: 5 mm. Disc thrust: 110N
    (NC version). Room temperature: 0÷50°C. 4-wire version (NC4) complete with auxiliary microswitch.
    Auxiliary contact rating: 700mA inductive-3A resistive.
    Compliant with: LVD 2014/35/EU, EMC 2014/30/EU. TÜV approved.

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    Part Number Voltage Protection Q.ty/Box Box/Carton
    22CX5230NC2 230V IP54 1 50
    22CX524NC2 24V IP54 1 50
    22CX5230NC4 230V IP54 1 50
    22CX524NC4 24V IP54 1 50
    22CX5230NC2-2 230V - cable 2m IP54 1 50
    22CX524NC2-2 24V - cable 2m IP54 1 50
    22CX5230NC4-2 230V - cable 2m IP54 1 50
    22CX524NC4-2 24V - cable 2m IP54 1 50