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Manifold HKV T Brass Flow Meters for UFH with ball valve set

Brass hollow bar circuit heating manifold according to EN 1264-4. Flat sealing connections 1”F. Low installation depth. Connection nipple G 3/4” with Eurocone, 50 mm distance. Function and pressure tested. Completed with end sets.
SUPPLY: Flowmeter 0 - 6 l/min with low pressure drop and shut-off function.
RETURN: Control and shut-off valve with adaption M30 x 1,5.
Completed with ball valve sets AS25

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Type Part no. WID Otulets
HKV-T2-AS25 10004229 2
HKV-T3-AS25 10004231 3
HKV-T4-AS25 10004233 4
HKV-T5-AS25 10004235 5
HKV-T6-AS25 10004237 6
HKV-T7-AS25 10004239 7
HKV-T8-AS25 10004241 8
HKV-T9-AS25 10004243 9
HKV-T10-AS25 10004245 10
HKV-T11-AS25 10004247 11
HKV-T12-AS25 10004249 12

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