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  • Ready-to-mount compact unit FRG 3015W2

    Ready-to-mount compact unit suited for variable water temperature control in conjunction with the outside temperature for panel heating with a heat capacity demand of about 14 kW. Flat-sealing installation on the left or right side of the manifold with 1” male thread. Pump, valve drive, temperature limiter 20 - 90 °C and heating controller with water sensor pre-mounted and wired ex-works. Outside temperature sensor. Heating controller Climatic Control with 7-day-program, frost protection and screed warming function. Pressure-tested, packed in a box.

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    Type Part no. WID Pump
    FRG 3015W2 10015026 Grundfos Alpha2 15-40
    FRG 3015W2 10015028 Grundfos Alpha 2l 15-60