• Components for oil and gas systems
  • Water distribution & systems
  • Water quality
  • Heat transfer unit for the instantaneous preparation of hot water, in various power levels, electronically controlled. Constant tapping temperature; drinking water temperature freely selectable; circulating
    pump module optional; high economy due to low return temperatures; stable metallic wall mounting bracket; easy mounting and maintenance Insulation box made of EPP.
    Integrated circulation function (controlled by temperature / time / pulse).
    Recommended for big residential systems, i.e. hotels, hospitals etc.
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    Code WIDE

    FRIWA 8032 25 l/min 50 °C 10028090

    FRIWA 8033 40 l/min 50 °C 10028091

    FRIWA 8034 40 l/min 50 °C 10028092