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    Solar pump unit FLOWBOX SOLAR 8180-E

    Ready-to-mount, compact solar control unit. Thermal separation of electronic and hydraulic
    components. Pump installation length 180 mm- wired ex works, balancing valve WattFlow
    with fill and drain-cook, safety unit with pressure gauge, solar safety relief valve 6 bar and fill
    and drain-cook, wall bracket including corrugated tube to connect with the expansion vessel,
    arrangeable metal gravity flow stop. New 3 part EPP insulation provides thermal isolation of electronic and hydraulic components. Venting pipe. Compression fittingconnection 22 mm up to 36 l/min, 28 mm up to 42,5 l/min. On request: Flow sensor 1-12 or 2-40l/min, pressure sensor,solar safety relief valve with set pressure 2,5/3/4/8/10 bar. Integration of High- efficiency pumps and solar controls of all known manufacturers.
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    FBS 8180-E 2-16 l/min, Wilo YP ST 25/7 10027576
    FBS 8180-E 2-16 l/min, GF UPM3 Solar 25-75 10037015
    FBS 8180-E 4-36 l/min, Wilo YP ST 25/7,5 10029687
    FBS 8180-E 4-36 l/min, GF UPM3 Solar 25-105 10037107
    FBS 8180-E 15-42,5 l/min, GF PML Solar 25-145 10045872