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  • Solar Controller LCD Picto

    LCD display with backlight and pictograms to show all possible insatllation. It includes:
    • installation menu (system, Extra, collector type...)
    • setting menu (dT value, Max. values...)
    • 7 working systems with several extra functions possibility
    • 2 inputs for collectors temperature sensors (PT1000 type)
    • 2 inputs for tanks temperature sensors (NTC type)
    • 2 pump outputs with pump exercise function
    • 1 extra output (to control additional heat, cooling system...)
    • Automatic, Off or Manual test mode
    • Sensors Auto checks (short circuit and breaks)
    • Collector type choice (tube or panel)
    • collector protection (freeze and over heat)
    • permanent memory storage

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    Technical Features

    Power supply: 230VAC – 50Hz.
    Part Number Protection degree Q.ty/ Box
    P04923                 IP20 1