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    Controller CLIMATIC CONTROL for heating and cooling systems

    Climatic Control is developed for variable flow temperature control in heating (CC-H) and heating/cooling (CC-HC) systems particular in low-temperature installations like floor heating and cooling systems. The flow temperature is controlled depending of the outside temperature following a curve. Complete with controller Climatic Control, wired outside temperature sensor (CTN 10 KOhm at 25 °C), water temperature supply sensor (CTN 10 KOhm at 25 °C).
    Flow temperature control range: 0 -100°C. Operating temperature: 0 - 50°C. Modes selection: Comfort, Reduced, Auto. 9 factory and 4 customized weekly programs. Special functions: Automatic key lock, Reset, Screed preheating and dehydration function. Relay output 250V, 5 A for pump, (2 triacs, max. 75 W ) for 3-point actuator, 2 volt-free outputs for boiler or chiller (CC-HC).
    Inputs: outside temperature sensor, water temperature supply sensor, water temperature return sensor (option). Power supply: 230V, 50Hz. Protection: IP30.

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    Type Code WELF
    Power supply Description
    CC-HC P04013 Heating & Cooling 230 VAC

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