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    Room thermostat WFHT-DUAL with floor sensor

    Electronic room thermostat for radiant panel heating systems. Can be connected directly to electrothermal actuators series 22CX, 26LC or through modules WFHC. Adjustment range 5 - 30 °C, differential gap 0,5K, operating temperature 0 - 50 °C, noiseless triac contact, NTC temperature sensor, output 15/75 W. LED indication. Internal switch for NC/NO-actuators. Mode selection: Comfort, Reduced or Pilot wire (operation controlled by WFHC-Timer). Floor sensor with adjustable temperature limitation, 3m sensor cable.

    3 control modes:

    1. via internal room sensor.
    2. via external sensor (floor sensor).
    3. via internal room sensor and floor temperature limitation by external sensor 10 - 40 °C.
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    Type Part no. WII Part no. WID Power supply Actuator
    WFHT-DUAL P2068 10021101 24 Vac N. C. - N. O.
    P2070 10021102 230 Vac N. C. - N. O.

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