HD Preventer HD N9 & HD NLF9

Double check valves/aerators with intermediate connection to the atmosphere. These non-return valves prevent the return flow of polluted water into the drinking water network and are suitable for laboratory taps, among other things. The HD N9/NLF9 must be placed vertically.

 The construction is the same as that of the HA S8C, but a second check valve is installed on the discharge side. The HD N9 is suitable for mounting under continuous pressure. The HD NLF9 is suitable for mounting after the shut-off valve, of which the downstream pipe section must be flexible and demountable, not continuously under pressure.

Technical Features
  • Max. pressure: 10 bar.
  • Max. temperature: 60 °C.
Part no.
 Part number  Type  DN  Version  PU
 409003000  HD N9  10  brass 3/8" FF  1
 409003005  HD N9C  10  chrome-plated brass 3/8" FF  1
 409003001  HD NLF9  10  chrome-plated brass 3/8" FM  1