DA Preventer DA 288A(C)

Vacuum relief valves prevent any pollution of the drinking water system by backflow of polluted water. Advantages Due to its compact dimensions, the DA 288A(C) is also very suitable for low flow rates, e.g. for laboratory equipment. Due to the use of special materials, this vacuum relief valve is also suitable for temperatures up to 85°C. The large passage guarantees maximum flow and minimum pressure loss. This lightweight valve prevents dripping at all flow rates. Installation specifications - Install the DA 288A(C) according to data sheet 3.8. - The DA must be installed after the shut-off valve and must not be continuously underneath the valve. pressure. - No closing device must be placed downstream of the DA. - The DA 288A(C) must be installed in an easily accessible location so that it can The water is not allowed to leak, so it must be checked and maintained properly to avoid damage due to water leaks. - Body: bronze. - Gaskets: silicone. - Max. pressure Pressure: 9 bar. - Max. temperature: -20°C. : 85 °C.
Part no.
 Part number  Type  Connection  Version  Weight (kg)  VE
 422010000  DA 288A(C)  3/8"  bronze chromed  0,17  1
 422105000  DA 288A(C)  1/2"  bronze chromed  0,23  1
 422020000  DA 288A(C)  3/4"  bronze chromed  0,51  1
 422025000  DA 288A(C)  1"  bronze chromed  0,80  1
 421032000  DA 288A  1 1/4"  bronze  0,97  1
 421040000  DA 288A  1 1/2"  bronze  1,64  1
 421050000  DA 288A  2"  bronze  2,38  1
 421065000  DA 288A  2 1/2"  bronze  7,26  1