EB Preventer Plastic WM-Series

WM insert check valves are compliant with the regulation of NF Antipollution brand. According to the NF EN 1717, these EB type check valves, are incorporated in a device, and guarantee the protection of drinking water against a risk of pollution from a fluid of category 2. • Minimum head loss • Noiseless operation due to a split obturator • Does not generate hammering • Meets the requirements of all europeans aprovals • Axial guidance oburator with return spring • Excellent water tightness at high or low back pressure ensured by a designed lip-seal Main application: water meter Can also be fitted in any application which need a drinking water network protection; suitable with the design of the product. Ex: sanitary taps... Approvals: ACS, NF, KIWA, Belgaqua, WRAS, DVGW, NSF, VA
Technical Features
Working pressure: 10 bar
Working condition: -10°C to 65°C. Maxi 85°C 1h/day
Body: POM
Obturator: POM
Seal: EPDM
Spring: Stainless steel

Part no.
Type DN
PFA (bar)
Part number Weight (kg)
WM015 15 1/2"
4.3 2224138 0,004
WM020 20 3/4"
2224137 0,007
WM025 25 1"
10 4.3 2224139 0,017
WM040 40 1"1/2
10 4.3 2224140 0,035