Check-valve W.F. Compact, length 58 mm

Controllable anti-pollution check valve, EA type.
For all drinking water networks: building, water distribution, pumping.
Model with swivel nut for fitting directly after the water meter.
Quiet operation, low pressure drops.
Total tightness even with very low counter-pressure.
Brass body with two F 1/8” (5x10) bosses with two brass plugs or captive drain cocks.
POM (polyacetal) disc, stainless steel spring, NBR (nitrile) seal.

Very high flow rates, fitting in all positions.

Same features as the WF model except for length of 58 mm and 1/8" (5x10) pressure test points.
Supplied with brass plugs or captive drain cocks.
Technical Features
Max. temperature: 90°C.
Max. pressure: 10 bar.
Approval: NF EN 13959, complies with EN 1717.
Part no.
for water meter
valve thread part number
size 15 (plastic plugs) F/M 3/4” (20x27) 2224181 10
size 15 (captive drain cocks) F/M 3/4” (20x27) 2224182 10