Balancing valve SRVOL-KSVR

Balancing valve WattFlow OL with double-sided compression fitting.
Precise adjustment of the flow rate through inclined seat valve. Indication of the actual flow
value integrated flow meter, which is not installed directly in the medium flow and is therefore
protected against soiling. No diagrams and measurement computers necessary.
Any installation position. Short installation length. Brass body, sight glass made of impact
resistant plastic. Spring made of stainless steel. Gaskets made of EPDM.
Max. operating temperature 100 °C at an max. operating pressure of 6 bar (or 70°C at 10 bar).
Part no.
Type Part no. WID Size Flow rate Kvs
SRV-IG 10010103 1/2", 15 mm 1-8 l/min. 1.7
SRV-IG 10010104 1/2", 22 mm 1-8 l/min. 1.7
SRV-IG 10010110 3/4", 15 mm 2-16 l/min. 2.0
SRV-IG 10010112 3/4", 22 mm 2-16 l/min. 2.0