Electro-hydraulic safety shut off valves GHAV

The GHAV Series is an electro-hydraulically operated range of gas safety shut-off valves with ultra-high flow rates. Their primary function is the on-off control of low-pressure combustible gases and air. It may be used for both control and safety shut-off purposes. The valves are suitable for the three families of combustible gas as follows, 1st, Town Gas; 2nd, Natural Gas and 3rd, Liquefied Petroleum Gases, air and non-aggressive gas. The valves are normally closed, i.e., Energise to open. They are operated from A.C. mains at 230V. Electro-hydraulic operation ensures a smooth, controlled opening at low speed whilst closure time is less than 1 sec.
Valve construction consists of a die cast aluminium flanged body and an actuator having the valve closure head as an integral part. The actuator may be removed from the body for servicing.
All valves feature an integral manual reset switch as standard which can be wired out at any time. Also, as standard, they include a closing position indicator (CPI) with a changeover switch (volt free) suitable for alarm, remote management or safety system.
Technical Features
Automatic ON-OFF normally closed class A gas valve. Actuated by IP56 electro-hydraulic actuator. Aluminium body. Suitable for manufactured gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), non-aggressive gas and air. Operating temperature range: -15 to 60°C.
Part no.
Type Part Number Connection Description Q.ty/Box Box/Carton
GHAV65N  021.0100.101  DN65 Voltage. 230 Vac. Press. max 1bar 1 1
GHAV80N  021.0101.101  DN80 Voltage. 230 Vac. Press. max 1bar 1 1
GHAV100N  021.0102.101  DN100 Voltage. 230 Vac. Press. max 1bar 1 1
GHAV125N  021.0103.101  DN125 Voltage. 230 Vac. Press. max 1bar 1 1
GHAV150N  021.0104.101  DN150 Voltage. 230 Vac. Press. max 1bar 1 1