Heat Interface Unit HIU 2 HK for unmixed heating circuits

For transferring heat from local or district heating networks to heating and domestic hot water (DHW) systems in single-family homes, apartment buildings, terraced housing or apartment blocks. Direct connection to unmixed heating circuits such as radiators. Indirect, hygienic domestic hot water generation by means of a plate heat exchanger (stainless steel or copper brazed).
Includes a priority switch for domestic hot water generation. Integrated adapters for heat and cold water meters. Ready-to-fit, space-saving design with clear arrangement of all valves. Uniform, modular design of connections and accessories.

Technical Features
  • Tap temperature freely adjustable between 20 and 70 °C
  • Tap capacity 12, 17 or 22 l/min.
Part no.
 Type Part no. WIDE

10079852 Tap capacity 12 l/min, copper brazed
HIU2 HK12 10079891 Tap capacity 12 l/min, stainless steel brazed
HIU2 HK17 10078464 Tap capacity 17 l/min, copper brazed
HIU2 HK17 10079893
Tap capacity 17 l/min, stainless steel brazed
HIU2 HK22 10085285 Tap capacity 22 l/min, copper brazed
HIU2 HK22 10085286
Tap capacity 22 l/min, stainless steel brazed