Proportional NC Valve Actuator EMUWE Series

EMUWE Series electronic actuators are modulating devices used for the automatic actuation of thermostat-adaptable valves, fan-coil valves and manifolds.
Technical Features
The proportional EMUWE Series Valve Actuator NC 0-10V IP54 works for opening and closing valves in a direct proportion to the applied control voltage. If a control voltage is applied, the actuator opens the valve proportionally to the detected actuator travel with:
  • High precision regulation (step by step motor)
  • Visualization of the motor position by the status LED
Self-extinguishing polymer cap. M30x1.5 nickel-plated threaded brass ring-nut. Stroke: 3.2mm, 3.9mm or 4.8mm.
Disc thrust: 100N. Room temperature: 0-50°C. Protection rating IP54.

Compliant with: LVD 2014/35/EU, EMC 2014/30/EU.
Part no.
 Type Part no.  Power  Weight (g) 
 EMUWE P07623  12Vdc, 24Vdc, 24Vac  180