Weld-end coupling heating and COOL - 6/16bar S6


Straight coupling made of brass with steel weld end for use in piping systems equipped with transport for heating, cold or cooling water applications.

The coupling has a long supporting pipe for optimal clamping, a conical outside thread connection and a clamping ring with stainless steel bolt. The included remote plate makes it easier to fit the coupling.

Because of the weld end, it is possible to connect the coupling with an existing steel pipe. The steel alloy (st37-2) is suitable for electronic welding.

Assembly instructions: see our Installation manual.

Technical Features

• Max operating pressure: 6 bar (16 bar) 
• Max fluid temperature: +95°C (+25°C) 
• PEX-a and PE pipes: SDR 11 
• Supporting pipe material: CW602N 
• Clamping ring material: CW602N 

Part no.

Art. No.   PE-X dext/s (mm)   Weld-end dext (mm)   Weld-end dint (mm) 
MJ3412725/23L  25/2.3  26.90  21.50 
MJ3413332/29L  32/2.9  33.70  27.00 
MJ3414240/37L  40/3.7  42.40  36.00 
MJ3414550/46L  50/4.6  48.30  42.00 
MJ3415763/58L  63/5.8  60.30  53.00 
MJ3417675/68L  75/6.8  76.10  68.00 
MJ3418990/82L  90/8.2  88.90  80.00 
MJ341110110/10L  110/10.0  114.30  105.00 
MJ341114125/114L  125/11.4  114.30  105.00