Microflex HP for heat pump connection

Microflex’s pre-insulated piping system is composed of a thermal insulation around a carrier pipe and covered by a “closed chamber“ protective UV-resistant outer casing.
Microflex HP pipe is used for the connection of external heat pumps, e.g. Air-Water Monobloc heat pumps. The intelligent design of Microflex HP combines the supply and return pipes for heating/cooling with two corrugated pipes for mains and control cables in the same outer casing. The empty corrugated pipes allow safe routing of the cables.
It provides significant advantages such as low-weight, hyper flexibility, robustness, and easy and rapid laying even over obstacles and around corners.
System accessories can be mounted without any special tools.

The Microflex HP piping system consists of four (4) integrated components and it is manufactured according to the EN 15632: 1-3 norm.
Technical Features
The insulating material used consists of cross-linked polyethylene foam. In addition to the excellent insulating properties, the closed-cell structure of the material ensures that there is only minimal water absorption. The material is CFC free.

The UV-resistant outer casing in dark blue color is made from PE-HD according to the “closed chamber” principle, protects the inner pipe as well as the insulating material from external impacts. The ribs of the corrugated outer cover are completely closed; water ingress due to superficial damage to the outer cover is therefore impossible.

The standard length of a coil is 100m. Tailored lengths can be cut. The coils are designed to fit standard HGV trailers and containers.
For transport and storage specifications see installation manual.
Part no.
Microflex HP: PN6/SDR11 + electric conduit
Part no. PE-Xa
d_out x s
DN    Electric corrugated
conduit outer/inner
diameter (mm)      

Outer casing

Av. thickness
of Insulation

Inner Bending
Radius (1)
MQ12525C3225E  2 x 25 x 2.3 20-20  25/18.8
125    1,63  15    0,3   
MQ12532C3225E  2 x 32 x 2.9 25-25  25/18.8
125    1,79  12    0,3   
MQ16032C3225E  2 x 32 x 2.9 25-25  25/18.8
160    2,27  27    0,5   
MQ16040C32E  2 x 40 x 3.7 32-32  2 x 32/25  160    2,60  15    0,6   

(1) Applicable practical values without risk of pipe distortion or damage.