Smart thermostatic mixing valve e-ULTRAMIX®

Size your thermostatic mixing valve correctly:

e-ULTRAMIX® is a next generation system, that electronically adjusts the mixed water temperature in multi use facilities.
A solution against legionella and the risk of scalding.
The electronic system features a smart control unit that programs automatic thermal treatment cycles, ensuring a safe and secure method of preventing any risk of legionella within the DHW system. Acting as a real time “electronic maintenance log”, the unit will control and record permanently temperature of mixed water, water loop, DHW production relating to the thermal treatment process, as well as the various notifications and alarms that may have been stored, providing a genuine sanitary monitoring record of the system.The data can be retrieved either via an SD card where all data would have been saved, or remotely by connecting to a Building Management System (MODBUS protocol) using a RS485 interface.
Technical Features
  • A full system: easy to install, use and maintain
  • Accurate temperature, instant response, guaranteed comfort
  • Automated and controlled disinfection: programmable via the smart control unit
  • Scalable system: upgrading an existing ULTRAMIX® installation or to equipping a new installation.
  • Service Continuity: in case of a power failure it maintains with precision the temperature of mixed water and manual adjustment is possible.
  • Traceable data: all data is saved to a micro SD card for subsequent records or interrogation (CSV format).
  • Compatible with Building Technical Management system: can be administered and monitored remotely (Modbus protocol).
Part no.
part no.
Size № of users *Flow range, l/min
22TX91E37ELECV3 3/4" 1-7 3-56
22TX92E37ELECV3 3/4" 1-10 3-80
22TX93E37ELECV3 1" 1-15 3-120
22TX94E37ELECV3 1.1/4" 1-21 5-175
1.1/2" 1-32
22TX96E37ELECV3 2" 1-50

* As an indication - take into account the number of point of use connected to the same network and simultaneously in use.