Thermostatic mixer TX90 ULTRAMIX FNC 10-50°C

The thermostatic mixing valve ULTRAMIX FNC has the same characteristics as the ULTRAMIX(*), but it integrates a safety device and allows drawing even in the case of a hot water cut.
Special model for the installations with safety showers or emergency eye-washer. Anti-scalding feature : if there is not enough cold water the mixing valve shuts off automatically and instantaneously. Dismountable thermostatic mechanism equipped with filters and check valves NF. Adjustment range: 10÷50°C, Its setpoint temperature is not sensitive to flow rate variations
in the installation, whether at minimum or maximum. Rinsing kit included. Replacement cartridges below.

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Technical Features

Anti-scalding feature : The hot water shuts off automatically if there is not enough cold water (Δ Hot water/Mixed water > 10°C).
Thermostatic mixing valve mechanism: the mechanism is directly integral with the thermostatic mixing valve cover.
Approved check-valves NF: superior level hydraulic features, due to the valve closure member's overall design.
Filtering : Strainer anchored on watertight elastomer support. Perfect accessibility, disassembly without tools, easy cleaning requiring no special qualification.
Total interchangeability: the ULTRAMIX range cartridges are interchangeable with the current range and the old range.
ULTRAMIX is guaranteed 2 years.

Rinsing kit included.

Part no. WIF Size № of users Flow range, l/min   Weight
M3/4" 20x27 1-7 3-56 2,3 Kg
M3/4" 20x27 1-10 3-80 2,3 Kg
M1" 26x34 1-15 3-120 3,5 Kg
M1"33x42 1-20 5-175 5,0 Kg
M1.1/2" 40x49 1-32 5-260 8,6 Kg
22TX96FNC  M2"50x60 1-50 6-400 11,1 Kg