Flanged thermostatic mixing valve T70

Size your thermostatic mixing valve correctly:
Flanged thermostatic mixing valve T70
Flanged thermostatic mixing valve T70
Thermostatic mixing valve recommended for all large flow applications (up to 1200 l/min.) where the temperature of the mixed water must be kept accurate, constant and modifiable at will.
• Conditions where water is used at a predetermined temperature, stable:
- loop of sanitary hot water (adjustable temperature fr om 30 to 70°C),
- supply of sanitary points of use: group showers and ranges of wash basins
(adjustable temperature from 10 to 50°C).
• Bimetallic strip TECHNOLOGY : exceptional qualities of regulation and resistance to the scale (crucial factor for safety).
• Outstanding reliability and longevity.
Installation output of hot sanitary water production:
- Reduces the risk of scalding by lowering the temperature of hot sanitary water production output.
- Regulates the strong temperature variations equipment of hot sanitary water.
- Generates significant energy savings: much smaller heat losses in a loop at 55°C.
- Lim it the scaling of pipes, valves, pumps, check valves, ...
This thermostatic mixing valve provides comfort and safety to large flows facilities. Notably, the risk of scalds are removed (anti-scald safety).
NB : The Δ T° Hot water/Mixed water must be minimum > 10°C and the maximum pressure difference between the inlets Hot water / Cold water should be 0.5 bar max.
Part no.
Size DN Flow rate (l/min) Points of use*
adjustment range
Product no. WIF
    Temperature adjustment range 10/50°C         
G 2”1/2, 65 mm 10 - 360 de 1 à 36 10/50°C 22T70065 36 kg
H 3”, 80 mm 12 - 700 de 1 à 70 10/50°C 22T70080 49 kg
J 4”, 100 mm 14 - 1200 de 2 à 120 10/50°C 22T70100 69 kg
Temperature adjustment range 30/70°C
G 2”1/2, 65 mm 10 - 360 de 1 à 36 30/70°C 22T7006537 36 kg
H 3”, 80 mm 12 - 700 de 1 à 70 30/70°C 22T7008037 49 kg
J 4”, 100 mm 14 - 1200 de 2 à 120 30/70°C 22T7010037 69 kg

* As an indication - take into account the number of water points connected to the same network and used simultaneously.