Thermostatic mixer Ultramix® OMDA for medical applications

Size your thermostatic mixing valve correctly:
Thermostatic mixer Ultramix® OMDA for medical applications
Thermostatic mixer Ultramix® OMDA for medical applications
Ultramix® OMDA Thermostatic mixing valve for hydrotherapy, balneo, or medical applications
  • The thermostatic mixing valve ULTRAMIX "OMDA" has the same characteristics than the ULTRAMIX, it is equipped a RILSAN protection kilned at 250°C protects the mixing valve body at the place of the seats and hot and cold water supply pipes.
  • Special model specifically conceived to withstand seawater, softened water and distilled water. Mixing valve cartridge: screws, jets of diaphragm and hoppers made in stainless steel.
  • Anti-scalding feature and comfort : if there is not enough cold or hot water the mixing valve shuts off automatically and instantaneously.
  • Dismountable thermostatic mechanism equipped with filters and check valves NF.
  • Adjustment temperature range : 10/50°C, Its setpoint temperature is not sensitive to flow rate variations in the installation, whether at minimum or maximum.
  • Apparent mixing valves or inset mixing valves: (22T/X8256OMDA-22T/X8280OMDA22T/X83OMDA).
  • Rinsing kit included. Replacement cartridges below.
Part no.
Flow rate (l/min) Diameter
points of use*
surface finish
Part no. WIF
min 5 - max 56 M 3/4” 20x27  1 - 7 special sea water (epoxy) 22TX91OMDA
2,3 kg
min 5 - max 80 M 3/4” 20x27 1 - 10 special sea water (epoxy) 22TX92OMDA
2,3 kg
min 5 - max 120 M 1” 26x34 1 - 15 special sea water (epoxy) 22TX93OMDA
3,5 kg

* As an indication - take into account the number of water points connected to the same network and used simultaneously.