DN100 back-connection bimetallic thermometer with galvanised steel body for heating systems, complete with brass pocket. Accuracy class 2. Versions with scale 0÷120°C and 0÷140°C.
Complies with EN 3190 and INAIL (ex ISPESL) technical requirements.

Part no.
Part Number Stem Range Connection Q.ty/Box Box/Carton
PT5A987002 50mm -30÷50°C G1/2B 16 32
PT5A447003 50mm 0÷60°C G1/2B 16 32
PT5A507006 50mm 0÷120°C G1/2B 16 32
PT5A507005* 50mm 0÷120°C G1/2B 16 32
PT5B987002 100mm -30÷50°C G1/2B 16 32
PT5B447003 100mm 0÷60°C G1/2B 16 32
PT5B507006 100mm 0÷120°C G1/2B 16 32
PT5B507005* 100mm 0÷120°C G1/2B 16 32
*Supplied without pocket
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