Pump group FlowBox HK25-KH with additional shut-off valve

Compact pump group for direct heating circuits. 3-part patented EPP insulation shell provides a thermal insulation according to GEG (German Buildings Energy Act). Incl. wall bracket, fastening and 2 fittings for upper connection.
Supply: shut-off valve with gravity brake and integrated thermometer 0-120 °C, circulation pump 180 mm, additional shut-off valve under the pump
Return: shut-off valve with integrated thermometer 0-120 °C.
Technical Features
  • Nominal size: DN25
  • Max. operating pressure: 6 bar
  • Operating temperature: +2 - +90° C
  • Recommended range of application at DT=20 K, Dp=100 mbar:
  • max. 46 kW (DN25)
  • Overall pump length: 180 mm
  • Axial distance: 125 mm
  • Všetky pripojenia s tesnením
  • Dimensions with insulation (W x H x D): 300 mm x 370 mm x 240 mm