Pump mixing valve group FlowBox HKM25HC

Ready-to-mount, compact weather-compensated pump-mixer group for connecting boilers to mixed heating circuits. GEG-compliant thermal insulation with EPP insulation shell. Circulation pump 180 mm, integrated cable routing and wall bracket. Consisting of two multifunctional shut-off valves with thermometer (0-120 °C), adjustable gravity brake in the flow. 3-way mixing valve with servomotor, integrated CC-HC climate controller with outdoor temperature sensor and flow temperature sensor. Factory-wired.
Technical Features

Part no.
Kvs Part no.
HKM25 HC 8,0  Wilo ParaSC/7 8.0 10084157
HKM25 HC 6,3  Grundfos UPM3A/7 
6.3  10084614 
HKM25 HC 6,3  Lowara Eco2/8
6,3  10087357
HKM25 HC 8,0  Lowara Eco2/8
8,0  10087358
FBC-HC251) Wilo Yonos PARA 25/7
 8.0 10027304
FBC-HC251) Grundfos Alpha2L 25-60  6.3 10028232

1) The product is discontinued (FBC-HC: earlier description)