Three-way bronze zone valve, normally closed (NC). ON/OFF operation with an electrothermal actuator (580T Series) with bayonet ftting for connection to body. PN 10.
Technical Features
  • Max. differential pressure (580T Series): 1.5 bar.
  • Operating temperature range: 4÷100°C.
  • Disc stroke: 4mm.

Predisposed for ftting a 566T series bypass setting valve.
To connect the zone valve and the setting valve to the Modul coplanar manifolds, use 565T Series eccentric unions.
Part no.
Part Number DN Kvs Kvs By-pass Q.ty/Box Box/Carton
560T34 3/4” FF 5,5 3,6 1 30
560T1 1” FF 6,8 3,6 1 30