Solar Controller LED Advanced


Control unit for controlling up to 2 solar panels with back-lit LCD display. 5 different display configurations (see technical note). Easy to use, with 4 interface pushbuttons for reading data and setting parameters. 3 ST series Pt1000 solar collector sensors and auxiliary tank included as standard. The control unit is also set up to control 5 different control points (2 solar collectors, 2 tanks, 1 extra) and has an output for measuring thermal energy and power. Maximum tank temperature control: 15÷95°C (default 65°C). Solar circuit pump starts up automatically according to the temperature difference between the solar collector and the tank: 3÷40°C (default 7°C).
Solar circuit protection:
- against overtemperature: 110÷150°C (default 120°C)
- with operation of pump for 15 sec. if unused for 2 days.
Power supply: 230VAC – 50Hz.
Technical Features

Part no.
Part Number n° sensors Protection degree Q.ty/ Box Box/ Carton
P03491 3 (two L = 3 m + one L = 1,5 m) IP42 1 38