Digital Room Thermostat WT-D03

The digital room thermostat with back-light LCD display is designed to control, by a live triac output, different types of heating and cooling systems. Compatibles with both NC and NO actuators, the Vision® Wired thermostat offers a wide voltage range for power supply from 24 to 230VAC. Temperature control is based on internal sensor. An external sensor (SENSOR 10K - P01228) can be connected without any additional external power supply. A logo on display indicates whether the heating or cooling switch-on signal is activated. Input/output for heat&cool switching with the use of Vision®Wired controller.
Technical Features
  • IP rating IP30

  • Security isolation Class II

  • Temperature accuracy 0.1°C

  • Class ErP Level IV (2%)

  • Regulation type
    Proportional Band (Cycles 15-30-45- 60min)
    or Hysteresis 0.2°C to 3.0°C

  • Temperature ranges:
    Comfort / Reduced / Anti-freeze 5-35 °C / 5-35°C / 0.5-10°C / (increments of 0.5°C)

  • Power supply From 24 to 230VAC

  • Power output Live Triac, NO or NC

  • 24VAC: Max. 5 actuators (1,6W/actuator)

  • 230VAC: Max. 8 actuators (1,8W/actuator)

  • Sensor Internal and/or external (opt.) NTC 10kΩ at 25°C

  • Firmware version Shown on thermostat menu

  • Memory EEPROM non volatile

  • Directives
    2014/35/EU, 2014/30/EU, 2014/53/EU, 2011/65/EU
    2012/19/EU, 2015/1188/EU

  • Operating temperature 0-40°C

  • Shipping and storage temperature -10°C to +50°C

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Vision ®Wired Digital RoomThermostat D03