Heat & cool module BT-HCM02-RF


Heat & cool module BT-HCM02-RF is specially designed to control your Under Floor Heating & Cooling system. It is linked to your installation in RF (868MHz) via the BT-M6Z02 RF.

BT-HCM02-RF can get Heat/Cool signal from different sources:

- input free contact from Heat Pump output - input free contact for a manual switch
- a NTC sensor to measure the water temperature inlet
- from the BT-CT02-RF (BT-HCM02-RF configured in slave mode

BT-HCM02-RF has also some outputs for:
- global pump of the system
- Dehumidifier outputs in case of humidity default detected (in association with BT-D(P)02-RF RH thermostats)
- Heat and Cool outputs to switch installation in Heating / Cooling
Part no.
BT-HCM02-RF P06066