Heat & cool module BT-HCM02-RF

Modular RF connection box (868 MHz) designed to control underfloor heating and cooling systems. Can be integrated with the Vision® Wireless system only by means of RF communication (868MHz) with M6Z02 RF Series boxes. The box receives requests for heating/cooling through the various inputs listed: - free contact input from the output of a heat pump; - free contact input from a manual switch; - from an NTC sensor for measuring flow water temperature; - from a CT02-RF Series touch-screen panel (HCM02-RF configured in slave mode, connection with module M6Z02 RF required). The HCM02-RF Series module has the following outputs for activating the: - system pump; - dehumidifier, associated with BT-D03 RF RH or BT-DP02 RF RH Series humidity sensor thermostats; - boiler or air conditioning. Equipped with 2 LED indicators (pump status, heating/cooling management), 3 pushbuttons for user configuration and an internal DIP switch for system configuration. IP30. 1 5A/230V pump relay, 3 free contact relays.
Compliant with: LVD 2014/35/EC - EMC 2014/30/EU - RoHS 2011/65/EU
Part no.
 Code WELF
BT-HCM02-RF P06066