Radio frequency connection box Master BT-M6Z02-RF

Radio frequency connection box, 868 MHz. Basic unit for 6 zones. Compatible with BT-xx02-RF WATTS® Vision® Smart Home thermostats.

Technical Features
  • Bidirectional communication.
  • Compatible to both NO and NC actuators (internal switch).
  • LED for indication of zones status, power supply and pump activity.
  • Special functions: Pump delay, Valves exercise, Reset.
  • Outputs for pump and boiler: 5A, 250VAC (free contact), 5A, 230VAC (live contact).
  • Power supply: 230 VAC, 50Hz.
Part no.
Zones Power supply  
BT-M6Z02-RF P06678 6 zones 230 VAC
BT-M6Z02-RF P06434 6 zones 24 VAC