Wireless Leak Sensor BLK01-RF

Leak sensor is compatible with the central units BT-CT03-RF (3rd generation)

Wireless leak sensor BLK01 RF provides reliable water leak detection without the need for complex installations. Designed to protect against water damage, this radio frequency (RF) sensor can be used as a standalone device or integrated with the Vision® system Central Unit BT-CT03-RF.

In the event of a leak, the sensor triggers audible and visual alarms, ensuring immediate attention to the issue. When connected to the Vision® system Central Unit, you will also receive push notifications on your Watts Vision application, allowing you to take quick action even when you're away from home.

With the ability to pair up to 25 Vision® wireless leak sensors BLK01 RF with the Vision® system Central Unit, you can effectively monitor multiple areas prone to water leakage, such as laundry rooms or water heaters. These sensors are specifically designed to be compatible with the latest generation 03 of the Vision® system Central Unit.

Wireless leak sensor BLK01 RF enhances your home's protection against water damage and enjoy the convenience of remote monitoring through the Watts Vision application.
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