Controller CLIMATIC CONTROL for heating and cooling systems


Digital climatic controller for heating only and heating/cooling systems with outdoor air temperature compensation. Recommended for flow temperature control with mixing valve with 230 VAC 3-point actuator. Weekly programming, 9 pre-set programmes and 4 custom programmes, controlled on basis of outdoor temperature, outdoor temperature and water temperature display, maximum and minimum temperature limit, pump control, possible to connect a room thermostat. Predisposed for the installation of an antenna for use with RF 433 MHz thermostats and MILUX-HY Series humidistat (antenna Series AN433 not included). Ideal for controlling radiant panel heating/cooling systems.
Kit includes:
- climatic control unit;
- outdoor temperature probe with 2 m cable NTC 10 KΩ;
- flow water temperature probe NTC 10 KΩ (1/8” M straight);
Option for WSENS return water temperature probe.
Can be combined with MILUX RF WEEKLY chrono-thermostat.

Technical Features
  • Flow water temperature 0÷100°C
  • Power supply 230 VAC 50 Hz
  • Pump control: 5A 250 VAC relay
  • Heating generator control: 5A free contact relay
  • Air conditioning unit control: 5A 230 VAC relay
  • Mixing valve control: 3-point modulating (2 Triacs 75W Max 230 VAC).
Part no.
Type Code WELF
Description Power Supply
CC-HC P04013 Heating & Cooling 230 VAC
P04987  with sensor 10K
230 VAC 
CC-HC P06230  with sensor 10K, antenna 433MHz and RF outdoor sensor  230 VAC