Room thermostat WFHT-LCD with LCD display


Electronic room thermostat with LCD display for radiant panel heating systems. Can be connected directly to electrothermal actuators series 22CX, 26LC or through modules WFHC. Compatible to both NC and NO-actuators. Mode selection: Comfort, Reduced or Pilot wire (operation controlled by WFHC-Timer).

3 control modes:

  1. via internal sensor.
  2. via external sensor (floor sensor).
  3. via internal sensor and floor temperature limitation by external sensor (5 - 37 °C).
According to 2006/95/CE - 2004/108/CE
Technical Features
  • Adjustment range 5 - 37 °C
  • differential gap 0,5 K
  • operating temperature 0-50°C
  • noiseless triac contact
  • NTC temperature sensor
  • output 15/75 W

Part no.
Type Part no. WII Part no. WID Power supply Actuator
WFHT-LCD P020761) 10021109 24 VAC N. O. - N. C.
WFHT-LCD P02077 10021111 230 VAC N. O. - N. C.
WFHT-LCD* P02626 10021108 24 VAC N. O. - N. C.
WFHT-LCD* P02627 10021110 230 VAC N. O. - N. C.
* With external (floor) sensor
1) The product is no longer available