Compact magnetic dirt separator WCS

Compact dirt separator for sludge and impurities (magnetic and otherwise), complete with magnet. Available with 3/4” and 1” connections. Fast, convenient dirt removal. Easy to install horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Easy to clean. Brass body.
EPP rigid foam insulation as per AnIV and EnEV requirements: available to order.

Technical Features
  • For use with water and water/glycol (up to 50%)
  • PN 10
  • Maximum operating temperature: 110°C
  • Particle separation capacity: up to 5 microns

Part no.
Part Number DN Flow/PN
DSC0034W 3/4" 1,26 m3/h - PN10 1 1
DSC0100W 1" 1,98 m3/h - PN10 1 1