Pressure reducing valves REDUBAR

Redubar is an ideal pressure reducing valve for protecting electric hot water storage heaters, household appliances and vending machines.
Brass body nickel plated.
Pressure reducing valve factory pre-set at 3 bar. The setting is adjustable between 1,5 and 4 bar.
Slotted adjusting screw that can be turned with a flathead screwdriver.

  • Compact : takes less space, easier to fit, less obtrusive underneath hot water storage heaters.
  • Ready to install : factory preset at 3 bar
  • Any position: Redubar can be fitted in any position.
  • Robust: does not require any special maintenance.
  • Silent: The valve system design and types of seals used ensure operation with minimal noise
Technical Features

  • Sanitary cold water to 30°C.
  • Permissible temperature up to 70 ° C. Risk of scaling when used continuously at 70 ° C.
  • Max inlet pressure: 15 bar
  • Adjustable outlet pressure: 1,5 to 4 bar, factory preset 3 ± 0,5)

Available in two versions:

  • double threaded connections 1/2”F x 3/4”M on both sides
  • connections 3/4”M x union nut 3/4”F
Part no.
Type Code WIF Size
REDUBAR 82500 3/4" M х 3/4" UN
REDUBAR 82501 (1/2" F / 3/4" M) x (1/2"M / 3/4"F)