Pressure Reducing Valves REDUFIX

REDUFIX is an ideal pressure reducing valve for sanitary water systems. For protecting single appliance like hot water storage heaters and household appliances. It is directly fitted upstream of the appliance that you want to protect.
Can be set from 1.5 to 5 bar. Factory preset (4 bar at zero discharge for 3 bar working). Corrosion preventing DZR brass body. Finish: nickel plated. Diaphragm and seals EPDM & NBR.
Female 1/4” pressure gauge outlet.
Maintenance free robust appliance. Can be fitted in any position.
Approvals : ACS, WRAS, KIWA (Art Nr: 2282116 and 228211).
Technical Features
  • Sanitary cold water to 30°C
  • Permissible temperature up to 70 ° C
    Risk of scaling when used continuously at 70 ° C
  • Max inlet pressure: 15 bar
  • Adjustable outlet pressure: 1,5 to 5 bar, factory preset 3 ± 0,5)
Part no.
Code WIF   Size
 REDUFIX   2282000 F/F 1/2” (15x21)
 REDUFIX   2282210 M/F 3/4” free union nut (20x27)
 REDUFIX   2282211   M/F 3/4” free union nut (20x27)
 REDUFIX   2282110 M/M 3/4” (20x27)
 REDUFIX   2282215 F 3/4” free union nut / M 3/4” (20x27)
 REDUFIX   2282007 M/M 3/4” (20x27)
 REDUFIX1)    2282116 Compression fitting DN 15 for copper pipe
 REDUFIX1)   2282118 Compression fitting DN22 for copper pipe