Adjustable thermostatic mixing valves RLT M2

RLT M2 is used also to control the temperature in a sanitary hot water distribution system with a water storage heater.
RLT M2 is designed to maintain the preset temperature of the mixed water delivered to the user despite variations in the temperature of the water contained in the storage.

Brass DZR body.

Extra compact size.

L-pattern valve (considered convenient for many system configurations).
  • Integral check valves for protection against cross-flow (except F1/2").
  • Mixed water outlet on the side (cold water inlet from below).
Rapid fail safe if cold water supply is interrupted comply with EN1111 (the minimum differential between hot water inlet & the mixed temperature must be 20°C).

The hot and cold water pressures must be balanced for a correct mixing.

Can be installed in any position.
Technical Features
Maximum static pressure: 10 bar.

Temperature setting range: 25 to 55°C.

Flow rate at 3 bar:
3/4”M: 38 l/min,
1/2”F & 15mm comp. fitting: 35 l/min.
Flow mini: 5 l/min.

Part no.
flow rate at 3 bar
setting range
Part no.
M/M/M 3/4” (20x27)
38 l/min
25 to 55°C
F/F/F 1/2” (15x21)
38 l/min
25 to 55°C
M/M/M 3/4” (20x27) directly adjustable
38 l/min
25 to 55°C
Compression fitting 15 mm
35 l/min
25 to 55°C