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Rea Robotics | Energy efficiency

Italy, Veggiano (PD) - Veneto
The most innovative Watts product range for efficient comfort in the workplace
Rea Robotics has been operating in the industrial automation sector for 30 years, with the aim of overcoming barriers, developing robotic systems and creating new application markets.
Given the high quality of its business, Rea Robotics has invested in innovative Watts products, namely the Watts Vision® system and boiler unit.
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iDROSET Serie CF | Static balancing in Rome

Italia, Roma
In the field of products and technologies for HVAC applications for heating, cooling of domestic and commercial systems, and domestic hot and cold water distribution systems, Watts offers designers and installers the iDROSET® range of static balancing valves. They incorporate a patented technology for accurately setting and instantly reading the flow rate required by the design, without using external reading instruments, thus facilitating installation and simplifying system management.
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OneFlow® | Comfortable living also relies on water quality

Italia, Rome
The 42-litre OneFlow® system was installed in the central heating system of a large detached house in Rome, by connecting it to the cold water inlet for domestic water distribution.
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Air Pressure Control Systems

UK, Glasgow
In early 2020, the NHS Louisa Jordan was a key part of the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow, the home of conferences welcoming delegates from across the globe. It was due to welcome the 26th UN Climate Change Conference in November but then COVID-19 changed everything.
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Microflex in Kaprijke

Belgium, Kaprijke
The Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Hemelvaartskerk of Kaprijke is a protected monument, which is carefully watched from the point of view of monument conservation.
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Frost Sensors in The Dragon's Heart Hospital

Wales, Cardiff
In early 2020, the Principality Stadium in Cardiff was preparing to host the Six Nations. An iconic sporting venue built to host the Rugby World Cup in 1999, the stadium is the home of Welsh rugby used to welcoming sports fans from across the globe but then COVID-19 changed everything.
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Microflex in service with the French army

France, Cran-Gevrier (74)
27th BCA in Cran-Gevrier ( France - dept 74): French Army
Primary network renovation : 3 km pipes

Renovation of existing heating network, created in steel 40 years ago : one central point and 26 mini-stations. High thermal losses.

Uno pipes dia 75 to 125, and Duo pipes dia 25 to 63 : 3 km of pipes
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OneFlow® | Anti Scale System

Italia, Cogneto di Modena
Marco Nocetti’s installer fitted the OneFlow® system, purchased from Cambielli Edilfriuli in Modena, in his customer’s domestic water system. The 135m2 home with 6 rooms is located in a block of 5 apartments, and the OneFlow® system is connected to the main cold water riser, which therefore treats all of the apartment’s water.
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Watts Powerseat® - Delivering 35 years of safe gas delivery

UK, Wigan
The Powerseat® electro-hydraulic gas shut-off valve allows the control and safety shut-off of low-pressure combustible gases in pipes from 40mm to 250mm, whilst focusing on being energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The Powerseat® shut-off valve is kept open by a hydraulic pump where hydraulic fluid is forced into a cylinder driving the valve open.
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Watts Sylax - Keeping cheese chilled Craigavon, Northern Ireland

UK, Craigavon

Orchard Refrigeration contacted Watts to discuss the challenges they were facing while managing the chilling processes for a large cheese storage facility in Northern Ireland.

Accurate temperature control and safe chilling environments are an essential part of the food and drink industry. Orchard Refrigeration currently has 300 butterfly valves installed across three factory locations on a single site in Craigavon.

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