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Watts Powerseat® Safe delivery and monitoring of gas supply in a high-rise property

UK, South London
Powerseat® was the first safety shut-off valve of its kind and at Watts we estimate that an average Powerseat® shut-off valve to have a lifespan of 15 years. However, in 2020 and 2021 customers contacted us for support with their Powerseat® products that had been installed, and in working order, for over 35 years.
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Smart e-Ultramix® control of shower areas in a swimming pool

Poland, Wołomin by Warsaw
Two smart e-Ultramix® valves with controllers, installed in the technological room of a swimming pool, prepare hot water for ladies’ and men’s sanitary areas.
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Pneumatic actuator bar-agturn® automates Butterfly valves

United States, Ohio
Special ship application at a harbour in USA.
Automated valves of bar GmbH from Germany are acting reliable even very deep under water and in different positions when moving the dredging boom.
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Balancing valve idroset | Médiathèque Vendin le Vieil

France, Vendin le Vieil
General balancing of the heating network on all equipment
(floor heating, air treatment central system)
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New life for Palazzo Diamanti in Ferrara

Italy, Ferrara
MICROFLEX flexible piping system for energy savings.
Watts was chosen as a reliable partner for the renovation of the magnificent Palazzo Diamanti in Ferrara. iMartini Srl, an MEP engineering firm operating in the plumbing and heating sector, used the Microflex pre-insulated flexible piping system to create the cooling and heating system, notably in the interior spaces in which the correct level of indoor comfort had to be guaranteed in order to protect the artistic heritage.
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Pump units and manifolds

Catalonia, Spain, Llafranc/Begur/Pals in Girona
Home comfort with underfloor heating
Several homes in the villages of Llafranc/Begur/Pals have been equipped with new underfloor heating systems. HK8180 pre-assembled pump units and VB32 manifolds were installed in the boiler unit. 

“A solution – claims the customer – that allows us to guarantee thermal comfort, energy saving, and the maximum reliability of the heating system.
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Ultramix® on guard of safety in kindergarten

Russia, St. Peterburg
The Ultramix® mixing valve is the ideal solution for 150 children in a 3450 m² kindergarten.
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Social Media Technology Data Centre Keeping data centres optimised

Across the globe, large data centres house the servers that power our internet lives. These vital systems maintain the servers that host our favourite websites and social media. Large data centres rely on complex cooling systems to maintain the optimum temperatures for this essential equipment. Keeping the world connected is an important job and even minor service interruptions can cause significant problems for organisations who rely on them.
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Balancing valve idroset camping Bormes-les-Mimosas

France, Bormes-les-Mimosas
Renovation of 10 bathing units to improve DHW comfort and the safety of the campers.

- 2 electric hot water tanks of 3000 liters mounted with a return loop at the recycling level.
- At the end of the second tank: domestic hot water distribution network made up of 7 sub-loops equipped with the same number of iDROSET balancing valves. Each sub-loop supplies 7 to 8 taps.
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Balancing valve idroset theatre dole

France, Dole
Heating renovation at the Dole Theater

- Replacement of the coal boiler
- Connection to the heating network supplied with biomass
- Custom-designed finned tube networks supplied by a distribution of electro-galvanized steel tubes
- 14 radiators for a total power of 50 kW
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