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Energy efficiency in a medical products manufacturing plant in Brescia

Italy, Brescia
A major medical products manufacturing plant in the north Italian province of Brescia (Italy) is now enjoying the benefits of Sylax butterfly valves designed for water treatment and fluid control applications.
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Backflow preventer in skyscraper

France, La Défense - Paris
On a global surface of 55000 m², the Pacific Tower is 25 floors high. The water distribution network is designed for 2 major uses : potable cold and hot water, and fire safety.
"Watts insured me with the comformity of the devices and their identical sizes " says Mr Derouiche, salesman for the company OA7 Energy.
"The installation needed 4 persons for 4 days and lifting equipment."
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Watts Vision® - Building Smart Homes | Aarhus Denmark

Denmark, Aarhus
In the heart of Aarhus, DTEK VVS is carrying out a contract for 87 apartments from 2 to 5 rooms. Watts Vision® was identified by DTEK as providing a high quality, cost-effective underfloor heating system for the apartments in Aarhus which would be supported by the product expertise of the Watts team.
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Balancing valve idroset camping Bormes-les-Mimosas

France, Bormes-les-Mimosas
Renovation of 10 bathing units to improve DHW comfort and the safety of the campers.

- 2 electric hot water tanks of 3000 liters mounted with a return loop at the recycling level.
- At the end of the second tank: domestic hot water distribution network made up of 7 sub-loops equipped with the same number of iDROSET balancing valves. Each sub-loop supplies 7 to 8 taps.
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Balancing valve idroset theatre dole

France, Dole
Heating renovation at the Dole Theater

- Replacement of the coal boiler
- Connection to the heating network supplied with biomass
- Custom-designed finned tube networks supplied by a distribution of electro-galvanized steel tubes
- 14 radiators for a total power of 50 kW
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Rea Robotics | Energy efficiency

Italy, Veggiano (PD) - Veneto
Rea Robotics has been operating in the industrial automation sector for 30 years, with the aim of overcoming barriers, developing robotic systems and creating new application markets.
Given the high quality of its business, Rea Robotics has invested in innovative Watts products, namely the Watts Vision® system and boiler unit.
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Golf club on the way to climate neutrality

Germany, Reutlingen
Installation of 10 balancing valves iDROSET® Series CF ¾", 1" and 1 ¼" for hydraulic balancing of the new heating system at the golf club.
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iDROSET Serie CF | Static balancing in Rome

Italia, Roma
In the field of products and technologies for HVAC applications for heating, cooling of domestic and commercial systems, and domestic hot and cold water distribution systems, Watts offers designers and installers the iDROSET® range of static balancing valves. They incorporate a patented technology for accurately setting and instantly reading the flow rate required by the design, without using external reading instruments, thus facilitating installation and simplifying system management.
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OneFlow® | Comfortable living also relies on water quality OFTWH-R

Italia, Rome
The 42-litre OneFlow® system was installed in the central heating system of a large detached house in Rome, by connecting it to the cold water inlet for domestic water distribution.
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Air Pressure Control Systems

UK, Glasgow
In early 2020, the NHS Louisa Jordan was a key part of the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow, the home of conferences welcoming delegates from across the globe. It was due to welcome the 26th UN Climate Change Conference in November but then COVID-19 changed everything.
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