Application of Microflex HP pipe for heat pump connection

Residential Single Family
July/August 2023
Application of Microflex HP pipe for heat pump connection
Upgraded HVAC System Featuring MQ12532C3225EWI Pipe for Heat Pump Cooling and Heating
Detailed Description
In a holiday house situated in Northern Slovakia, the Microflex HP pipe has been employed to link an external Air-Water Heat Pump. The installation site is strategically located on the boundary between the cadastral territories of Veľká Bytča and Kolárovice, facing towards Makov. A 10-meter MQ12532C3225EWI pipe was expertly installed by Peter Cedzo of PC Hvoznica 312, serving as the connecting component for the Monoblock heat pump Magis M8, manufactured by Immergas. During the winter months, the heat pump efficiently supplies warm medium to the underfloor heating system. Conversely, in the summer, it provides a cooling medium to the water ceiling. Prior to this modernization, the home relied on an electric boiler and a plate heat exchanger that utilized well water for both heating and cooling purposes.