Ultramix® on guard of safety in kindergarten

Russia, St. Peterburg
June 2021
Ultramix thermostatic valve: kindergarten application example
Ultramix® on guard of safety in kindergarten
The Ultramix® mixing valve is the ideal solution for 150 children in a 3450 m² kindergarten.
Detailed Description
More and more often people in modern developing areas of the northern capital of Russia are concerned about improving their living environment and using high-quality materials in construction. This kindergarten is no exception – children's safety comes first. Potential scalding problem is solved by the proven solution – WATTS Ultramix®.

According to the civil engineers: “We were delighted to see this solution. In the past, we always used a large number of smaller diameter thermostatic valves, but Ultramix® helped us improve the circuit significantly and not worry about the quality as it shows stable and accurate performance! We will use these valves in all municipal institutions.”