Water distribution of surface heating/cooling systems

France, Angliers
Residential Single Family
December 2022
Water distribution of surface heating/cooling systems

Issue :

The owners of a new
individual housing construction program wanted a surface heating/cooling
system. The heating/cooling water flow distribution and regulation must be done
through a stainless steel manifold.
Detailed Description

The installer :

Proclim : known player of La Rochelle area in sanitary and HVAC projects.

Solution implemented :

HKV 1' PnG 06 Push Fitting - 6 heating circuits

Why HKV Push’n’Go :

  • Easy-to-use: quick and effortless connection of pipework
  • Clear readability: flow rate easily accessible through flow meters on each heating circuit
  • Serenity when commissioning: hydraulic balancing configuration through pressure loss curves and direct reading on flow meter

Voice of customers :

Installer Proclim selected HKV PnG push fitting manifold thanks to its "easiness to use" and "effortless connection". Proclim appreciated that hydraulic balancing configuration can be done prior commissioning the heating/cooling system, bringing a real "serenity" on worksite.